If You Build It

I really enjoyed watching the “if you build it” documentary. There were highs, lows and multiple obstacles. Throughout the video, I kept noticing the problems the town had whether it is flooding or not enough funds for their projects, they always had a solution and positive attitude. Studio H gave hope to students/young generation in hopes they would be bigger than the city they are in and make something of themselves.Studio H wanted their students to think outside the box and be more creative.As if they could put their thoughts on paper, which they did. These young individuals had so much talent that they could put to use, but the school board did not see that was fit. The downfall of Studio H was the school board and adults could not see how beneficiary this was for the students, therefore they did not pay the two teachers, Emily, and Matt, anything. Matt and Emily had to make their income off of grants and it just wasn’t enough for them to live off of or to support Studio H. Two of the students were chosen and their design benefited the whole town by opening up jobs and helping local businesses. Studio H was a great project, it would have been nice for the school board of Bertie County to appreciate it.


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