Design Autobiography

  1. Local Taco
  2. Buick Regal
  3. Diamond Ring
  4. Lilly Agenda
  5. Fitbit
  6. Money
  7. Lulu Lemon Leggings
  8. Alabama Sweatshirt
  9. Bean Boots
  10. Pearl Earrings
  11. Spotify
  12. Tri Delta house
  13. Michael Kors Purse
  14. Nike Tennis Shoes
  15. Burgundy Nail Polish
  16. Instagram
  17. Snapchat
  18. Facebook
  19. Iphone
  20. Rupp Arena



This semester I have studied design through a series of objects, places, spaces and building. This class has taught many students the purpose of design and how to understand a global practice of design. Through design, you study the cultures that exhibit objects, spaces, buildings and places. While in this class, I have been able to recognize my own place in the world leading to the creating of my own design autobiography. In this process, I will collect artifacts such as photos of places, spaces, and object that make up my own artifacts that are important to me. I will have a total of twenty objects that express who I am and that are important to me. In this project, it will decipher who I am as a consumer, social aspect and how I view business in the world today.

I would like to show I am a product of a social era, therefore I chose to make an Instagram collage. I have a total of three different collages, but the two main ones are separated into three quadrants. In all of my collages, they show who I am based off different objects, places, and spaces. If I am really hungry, my go to place to eat at is The Local Taco in Lexington, KY and I usually get there by driving my 2011 Buick Regal. On my right hand, I always have a diamond ring my mom gave to me when I was sixteen years old, along with the pear earrings. Both of these objects were designed and mean a lot to me. Whether I am going to the gym or just going to class I will usually have on my lulu lemon leggings, my Nike tennis shoes, and my Fitbit on as well as listening to Spotify. My Fitbit represents that I like to stay in shape and be healthy, I wear it every day all day. My Lilly agenda represents me staying organized.

These next few objects are things I use while walking to class, going to the gym or just hanging out. My top object I use is Spotify, I always listen to Spotify, preferably on my iPhone 6. On my iPhone, I can do many things such as snap chat, Facebook, and Instagram. I use those things to stay connected with friends and family as well as socially. When I am having down time in my apartment or hanging out with my friends, I’ll usually be wearing my favorite Alabama sweatshirt and bean boots. My favorite color nail polish to wear in the winter is burgundy because it’s dark but not as dark as black. Somewhere I love to go, that is very close to my apartment is Rupp Arena to cheer on the cats, where I spend money as a consumer on tickets and concessions. To the basketball games, I am usually wearing my Michael kors purse that holds my wallet, phone, keys, etc. When I would like to have a nice homecooked meal or visit my friends and sisters, I visit the Tri Delta House. It is very warm and comforting and I feel I can talk to anyone, it is my home away from home.

Based off these photos of the objects, you can see what my favorite objects are, places to visit and where I spend my money the most. I love to be comfortable, relaxed, and always have good food. These items are just a few artifacts that  describe some of the major themes of design in my life.  While finding these pictures to put in a design collage of my life, I have understood more about myself. I am finding my current views and new views of design in our world every day.


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