Designer Profiles 11-12

The eleventh designer who came and spoke with us is Mark O’Bryan. Mark  graduated from the college of architecture at the University of Kentucky. He has been teaching at this university for the past 30 years. Something I found to be interesting is, Mark has a company with his wife. Mark’s wife  is an interior designer. He says that he can see design in different readings and research. In the past, Mark has taken students to visit Europe to look at different architectural work. In the future, Mark sees design heading into more 3D printing and thinks that our decisions will make a huge impact. Mark believes design is all about what you choose.

The twelveth designer I have had the privilege of listening to is Lindsey Fay. Lindsey has always known, even since she was younger, she wanted to be an architect. In only fourth grade, she was given the chance to help construct a playground, which she really enjoyed. Lindsey got her undergraduate degree at the University of Kentucky. She is very interested in the research of healthcare design. One of Lindsey’s favorite things that she has done and continues to do is travel to Thailand with her students. Lindsey stated she can see design in experiential education. In the future, she believes it will head towards more social issues.


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