Designer Profiles 9-10

The ninth designer I had a privilege of listening to is Hellen Turner. She is currently a professor at the University of Kentucky and has been for the past 5 years. Hellen got her undergraduate degree in interior architecture. After graduating, she got a job at a small firm and was the first interior designer at the firm. The small firm gave her lots of opportunities to get involved that she did not imagine to have. Hellen got laid off at 25 and then went back to school to get her masters degree in science and architecture. Hellen went on a 5-week archaeological dig in Pompeii. She said that design is all about how it impacts our environment, and design can have positive and negative impacts.  Hellen stated for the future we need to think more about the design objects we are using and how we are using them. Design is affecting our everyday lives and will affect the future.

The tenth designer is Randall Vaughn. He has been an architect for 30 plus years and is currently the president of the architects and engineers at Gray Construction. Randall’s wife is an artist and they enjoy driving around looking at different buildings pointing out the flaws. When Randall thinks of design, he thinks of the song “I can see clearly now”. He believes everything is/was designed for a purpose. Randall said that he can see design going to more 3D technology and a more into virtual reality. He also believes every car will be electric in the future. In Randall’s presentation, he stated that the tools we use should never dictate how we work but they should aid in the work we are doing. An interesting fact is he is amazed by apple and the designers/engineers they have.


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