Designer Profiles 7-8

The seventh designer’s story I would like to share is Melody Farris Jackson. She is a designer and  first-year architecture teacher at the University of Kentucky. Growing up, she has always been drawn and fascinated to making a creating different things. She designs her own Christmas cards every year as well as believes everything is designed. In the beginning, Melody went to college to get a pre-med degree yet quickly decided to change into to the college of architecture. She enjoys the challeges design brings to her life and realizes how much time it takes up, therefore you have to be flexible. Melody said that in the future, design is heading into a collaborative world between architects and engineers. A quote Melody used to describe design was, a design is like a road trip with lots of unexpected twists and turns along the way, which I thought was very true and touching.

The eighth designer I will discuss is Timothy Lucas. Currently, Timothy is an architect and his interest in design sparked in high school when he took drawing classes. Another reason he was interested  in design is because his father was an interior decorator. Timothy got his bachelor in Arts and Architecture here at the University of Kentucky. A neat fact he told us was his class was the first class that got to spend a semester traveling abroad to Europe which is where he saw a lot of design in the world. He believes design everywhere around him and stated that design transforms the lives of everyone who uses it. In the future Timothy discussed he could see a big shift to much more collaboration between design disciplines.


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