Designer Profiles 5-6

The fifth designer I will be discussing is Adriane Grumbeiri. She is a professor in the ISC department at the University of Kentucky. Adriane stated she enjoyed teaching which lead her to teach a creative design class. When she was in high school, she helped design the website for her schooI. In the future, I believe she would enjoy making wedding invitations considering she would like to see the world more visual. Adriane sees the design progression being more digital, as well as visual design with more data and pairing with more advertising. She was a great speaker and I enjoyed listening to her story.

The sixth designer’s name is Joe Ray-Barreau and I will be sharing his story. Joe is an architect and a professor at the University of Kentucky. When he was only five years old, he and his grandfather built a treehouse together which got him into learning about design. Something Joe is very interested in is light design. He really enjoys light design because he said a design is present in a plethora of different types of lights. Something I found interesting was, he stated light can change your mood. Furthermore, joe believes that in the future people will use more LED lights because it decreases light pollution.


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