Designer Profiles 2-4

The second designer I would like to discuss is Heather Hemmer. She is from Northern Kentucky, near Cininatti, and would like to move to San Fransisco in the future. Although she has traveled all around the world, San Fransisco is her favorite. Heather never really saw herself liking art, she was more athletic. However, in high school her mom told her to try an art class, so she did, and loved it! She states in design there is no simple equation, it just has to speak to you. She finds design in the world around her by finding use out of someone else’s trash. She is very happy she chose to pursue this degree because she has learned a lot from it, met so many people and there are multiple things you can do with it. My favorite thing she said in the presentation was, design is going wherever you are going and isn’t going to wait for us to catch up to it.

The third designer I will be sharing is Julie Sniadouski. Julie is a graduate architecture student at The University of Kentucky. When Julie was a sophomore in high school she got accepted into the governor’s school of the arts, which is a huge accomplishment. Just like Heather, Julie found out in high school what she wanted to pursue as a major. Julie has traveled and studied abroad in Paris and Rome, which she described as amazing. She loved viewing all of the buildings and really liked that she learned about it first hand, in person. I learned that Julie gets her inspiration from other people around her. Julie would like to figure out what design problems she can help fix and make better.

The fourth designer I would like to discuss is Adam Logsdon. Adam is a graduate assistant and a design intern at The University of Kentucky. Adam knew a young age what he wanted to do as a career, he knew in middle school. He loved making his own creations and trying new things with anything he could get his hands on. However, in high school he took some architecture classes which helped him learn more about it. Adam studied abroad in Paris, Italy, Rome, and France. In France, he saw a church/museum built around remains which he thought was interesting. He is really interested in 3D printing, digital technology and likes how you can order a project and digitally print it at home. Currently, Adam works for Gray construction company in downtown Lexington, KY.


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