Movie Peer Review 9 + 10

Peer Review 9: Frank (Pat) Hargadon


In this film, it discusses the artifact MacBook Pro. Out of all the images in the video, I chose this picture because it shows what the artifact is. This speaker has a good tone in his voice throughout the film however there is no background music during the video. In the video, it lists all of the keys according to the rubric especially discussing consumerism as well as telling us facts about the artifact. Although it was close, this video did not meet the full time requirements. There are a plethora of pictures in this video that showed the apple store and other aspects to a MacBook Pro. Overall, this was a nice video and well thought out.

Peer Review 10: Michael Johnson


In this video, Michael discusses the Mercedes Benz car. I chose this image because it shows a great image of what the artifact is. There are a lot of videos throughout the movie, two of the same video at one point but, this truly shows the artifact. Michael meets all of the key factors and discusses them well. He has a voiceover through the entire film however, does not have background music. The time is perfect, he did not go over or under the limit as well as includes citations at the end. In conclusion, this was a great video.


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