Movie Peer Review 7 + 8

Peer review 7: Jared Collier


In this video, the speaker talks about a Scion Tc car. My first impression was it is well put together and the video was very suspenseful, I did not want to take my eyes off the screen. At the beginning there was suspenseful music playing as well as a cool video of the car. The speaker talks very clear and describes his artifact well along with fact about the car. Jared included design, media and consumerism which is not all of the key factors but he describes most of them. This was an informative video and the time was great as well as the background music.

Peer review 8: Louise Garrett


In this film, the speaker discusses the famous artifact, Michael Kors. This is a very popular brand, it happens to be  my favorite brand of purses, and Louise is very informative about her artifact. I chose this image from her video because it shows you how much the MK stands out. She has a great soft tone of background music which makes it easier to hear her louder voiceover. In this video, she advertises the purses and expresses the famous people who carry them. This video followed all of the key factors as well as made great time and didn’t go over or under. In conclusion, I enjoyed watching this creative video and liked seeing the different pictures of purses.


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