Movie Peer Review 5 + 6

Peer review 5: Taylor Adams


This movie expresses the artifact of the L.L. Bean backpack. While watching this video I noticed the intro was some woman speaking and advertising the backpack possibly from TV. The video then transitions to Taylor’s voice and she stays at a good tone all through the video. There are good transitions during the video that switches well through the images and videos. However, there is not background music in this film. Other than that, Taylor met all of the key factors and describes the product well. I chose this image because it shows her artifact, what the artifact is and how it is used. This was a great video, very informative and entertaining.

Peer review 6: Lindsay Bell


In this video, the speaker talks about Louisville, Kentucky. Watching this video it sounded like the speaker really knew what she was talking about and had great transitions from images and videos. During the video there was background music and a voice-over which she had great pauses in between. I enjoyed how she did not speak when the videos were playing, it was just the background sounds of the video. Lindsay included lots of great facts, things to do in Louisville as well as all of the five factors. I chose this image because it is a beautiful picture and states what her artifact is. In the end, this was a great video, I learned more about Louisville than I knew before and she also made good time on the video.


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