it’s FONT-amental


The first image and logo that came to mind was McDonalds. This image came to my mind immediately because it is seen basically everywhere. No matter what place you go visit there is almost always a McDonalds around somewhere. This font is unique which makes it extremely hard to miss. The massive yellow M arch accompanying the red background on the sign draws people’s attention. The arch on the sign really makes this place stand out to everyone and the sign is high up for people to see if they are farther down the street.


The second image and logo I chose is my favorite drink, Fanta. I chose this logo because it is unique and the different colors makes the orange drink stand out to the public eye. This font reminds me of somewhere tropical based off the letters and how they flow. The navy letters with the white and orange background really pop. I enjoy the touch they added with the green leaf at the top to differentiate this drink logo compared to any other logo. I think this designer chose this font because they knew they had to make it match the color and feel for the drink.


The third image and logo I chose is the most magical place in the world, Disney. I believe the designer chose this font to stand out from any normal font and to draw kids attention with the fun D. I have seen this logo in many places such as television,  computer, advertisements all over the world and at the theme park itself. This is a big tourist/kid attraction therefore they needed to make the font fun and magical. They made this logo how it is because it looks magical and you can almost tell what Disney World is like just by looking at the logo.


The fourth image and logo I chose was from a website I am sure most people use multiple times a day, Google. If you visit this site often you may notice the way Google looks changes depending on special days such as holidays. The designer chose this logo to look like this because they wanted it to stand out and pop to the public eye. With every letter being all bright colors and different colors it makes this simple font stand out and seem like something you can’t miss. I enjoy this logo because even though it is a simple font, it stands out with the bright colors.


The last image and logo I chose was Nike. I chose this logo because the bold, black font really stood out to me. It is hard to miss these Nike signs because they are usually on tv, in the mall, advertisements on the computer, etc. It is a well-known brand and very popular. This font is simple, yet bold and makes you feel powerful. The check mark that stands for “Just Do It” really stands out with this font and logo. When seeing this logo, the designer wants to make people feel strong and powerful which is why I chose this logos font.


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