Movie Peer Review 3 + 4

Peer review 3: Kenshae Spalding


The third movie I am reviewing is about Behind the Beauty. In Kenshae’s video, she has a lot of images, a few short videos, background music and a voice over discussing her artifact. Throughout the video she has a good, stern voice however, I can not hear what she is saying due to the loud background music. Also I noticed she does not speak the whole video and she did not meet the full time requirement. The background music she chose for her video is not very fitting to her product because it is loud. Her transitions are good and she included all of the key topics as well as an overview at the end which I thought was a really nice touch. Overall, this was a good video and an interesting artifact, it was very informative.

Peer review 4: Carson Vickery


This video was about a place called Noblesville, Indiana. While watching this video I saw she had many great images and videos throughout the movie. She had nice, simple background music and spoke during the film. However, she spoke very fast which makes it hard to listen to. She did a great job explaining what this place is as well as some facts that come along with it. During the movie, she had great transitions and switched up the talking to where it was not boring to listen to. The timing of the movie was perfect, she did not go over or under. At a point in the video she had a concert playing with sound but it did not take away from her speaking. She did not miss any key points during the video and I enjoyed watching it. This was a nice video and I learned a lot about her city, the love she has for it and what all it has to offer.


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