Movie Peer Review 1 + 2

Peer review 1: Lindsay Pierce


This first movie is about Portland, Oregon. In the first few slides and throughout the movie, I noticed a lot of simple spelling errors. The words on the slides were hard to see, the color choice did not coordinate. The pictures were really neat, especially the one showing the bridge. She listed some of the activities that go on in Portland which was interesting. The pictures seemed to drag on a little bit too long throughout the movie and there was not a song in the background as well as a voice over. One of the main things she lacked in this video was the time, it was not long enough for the rubric and it was slow. She discussed most the key terms such as how design, media and culture/attraction enhances Portland. The only one I did not hear her mention was the business or consumerism aspect Portland has to offer. To conclude, this was a well-put together video however, it did not meet all of the requirements.

Peer review 2: Julia Rowinski


This second movie is about a Mary Kay Starter Kit. The first thing I noticed about this movie was she listed the facts and some history about Mary Kay, such as who she was. Julia discusses many fundamental values of a Mary Kay starter kit. In addition, the background music for this movie was soft, classy and fitting. I could hear her voice very well over the background music. She had just the right amount of time and pauses for this movie as well as images and videos. There were lots of wonderful transitions throughout the video and she discussed all of the key factors from the rubric in a nonchalant way. Overall, this was a tremendous video with great points, a unique artifact and she explains the artifact perfectly.


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