Informance Reflection

Based off of all the time and energy I have invested in making my movie, it was a very difficult task. The design process in conceptualizing my movie about the Arboretum and putting it together was not quite what I expected because I ran into a few challenges. The challenges I ran into were; the quality of my pictures were not as good as I thought they were going to be, the background music was hard to make lower than my voice, and it was difficult to cut the movie using IMovie. The opportunities I encountered was the timing of my movie was good, I got to experience more of the Arboretum as well as learn more about it and why it was built. I learned people traveled there all over the world, the Children’s Garden was not free, and anyone could volunteer to help out.  I learned the artifact was similar to what I expected, hundreds of people walk and socialize there with their friends and pets. The arboretum is a great place to have a picnic, host a birthday party or have a wedding. There were different culture aspects of the Arboretum such as the history and when it was establishes as to why it was established. There is a little collection of tree stumps that have been there for many years which is unique. The person who designed the Arboretum wanted it to be as unique and natural as possible. They wanted the trees to start small and grow big on their own versus planting big sized ones. If the trees fell over, they wanted them to lay and stay in the same spot without being removed or moved because it was about nature.The things I learned about myself was I needed to find more reasons as to why the Arboretum was built in the first place and I need to visit the Arboretum more in my free time to see the breathtaking scenery.


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