After reviewing the post on movies, I found three specific ways that the designers manipulated elements within film to shift viewers’ perceptions of the various films’ subjects. The three films are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Water for Elephants, and The Kings Speech. In the first film, Harry Potter 7, it discusses how the men in the first image are wearing darker colors as well as they are significantly larger than Dolores, who is wearing a pink dress with bows on it. However, the pink is a surprising color for her to be in considering she has an evil nature throughout the movie, which implies irony. Something that doesn’t normally catch the viewer’s eye in this image is the form of the circular hardwood flooring around the fountain. This naturally directs viewer’s eye from right to left. In 2010, this movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Art Direction.

In the second film, Water for Elephants, it talks about the use of different textures and contrast between elements. Texture is one of the main things in this movie considering it is night and day difference between Marlena and Jacob. Marlena has a beautiful, black, low cut satin dress on which is completely opposite from Jacob’s rough, leather, burlap and denim wardrobe. The texture between the two is extremely different because it shows how different their lifestyles are. Marlena is classy and elegant however it shows Jacob as a bad boy type.

In the last film, The Kings Speech, it discusses the basic color palettes they used in the movie to make the King stand out using a really basic color scheme. The color palette they used only consisted of three basic colors (brown, gold, and black with just a hint of white). They used different shades of these basic colors to get the effects you see in the image. If you make him lighter and brighter than his surroundings, he will stand out very well compared to the others so all of your focus is on him.

These observations can be helpful in making my movie because they discuss different tips. One of the tips that was suggested is using Texture because it is easy to incorporate into website designs. It is usually there to provide visual interest and clues about the elements. Another thing I will keep in mind is using basic colors. If you use basic colors (brown, gold, black, white) it will make your surroundings brighter and stand out more. Those are the tips I will be using while making my movie.


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