Movie Peer Review 3 + 4

Peer review 3: Kenshae Spalding


The third movie I am reviewing is about Behind the Beauty. In Kenshae’s video, she has a lot of images, a few short videos, background music and a voice over discussing her artifact. Throughout the video she has a good, stern voice however, I can not hear what she is saying due to the loud background music. Also I noticed she does not speak the whole video and she did not meet the full time requirement. The background music she chose for her video is not very fitting to her product because it is loud. Her transitions are good and she included all of the key topics as well as an overview at the end which I thought was a really nice touch. Overall, this was a good video and an interesting artifact, it was very informative.

Peer review 4: Carson Vickery


This video was about a place called Noblesville, Indiana. While watching this video I saw she had many great images and videos throughout the movie. She had nice, simple background music and spoke during the film. However, she spoke very fast which makes it hard to listen to. She did a great job explaining what this place is as well as some facts that come along with it. During the movie, she had great transitions and switched up the talking to where it was not boring to listen to. The timing of the movie was perfect, she did not go over or under. At a point in the video she had a concert playing with sound but it did not take away from her speaking. She did not miss any key points during the video and I enjoyed watching it. This was a nice video and I learned a lot about her city, the love she has for it and what all it has to offer.


Movie Peer Review 1 + 2

Peer review 1: Lindsay Pierce


This first movie is about Portland, Oregon. In the first few slides and throughout the movie, I noticed a lot of simple spelling errors. The words on the slides were hard to see, the color choice did not coordinate. The pictures were really neat, especially the one showing the bridge. She listed some of the activities that go on in Portland which was interesting. The pictures seemed to drag on a little bit too long throughout the movie and there was not a song in the background as well as a voice over. One of the main things she lacked in this video was the time, it was not long enough for the rubric and it was slow. She discussed most the key terms such as how design, media and culture/attraction enhances Portland. The only one I did not hear her mention was the business or consumerism aspect Portland has to offer. To conclude, this was a well-put together video however, it did not meet all of the requirements.

Peer review 2: Julia Rowinski


This second movie is about a Mary Kay Starter Kit. The first thing I noticed about this movie was she listed the facts and some history about Mary Kay, such as who she was. Julia discusses many fundamental values of a Mary Kay starter kit. In addition, the background music for this movie was soft, classy and fitting. I could hear her voice very well over the background music. She had just the right amount of time and pauses for this movie as well as images and videos. There were lots of wonderful transitions throughout the video and she discussed all of the key factors from the rubric in a nonchalant way. Overall, this was a tremendous video with great points, a unique artifact and she explains the artifact perfectly.

Informance Reflection

Based off of all the time and energy I have invested in making my movie, it was a very difficult task. The design process in conceptualizing my movie about the Arboretum and putting it together was not quite what I expected because I ran into a few challenges. The challenges I ran into were; the quality of my pictures were not as good as I thought they were going to be, the background music was hard to make lower than my voice, and it was difficult to cut the movie using IMovie. The opportunities I encountered was the timing of my movie was good, I got to experience more of the Arboretum as well as learn more about it and why it was built. I learned people traveled there all over the world, the Children’s Garden was not free, and anyone could volunteer to help out.  I learned the artifact was similar to what I expected, hundreds of people walk and socialize there with their friends and pets. The arboretum is a great place to have a picnic, host a birthday party or have a wedding. There were different culture aspects of the Arboretum such as the history and when it was establishes as to why it was established. There is a little collection of tree stumps that have been there for many years which is unique. The person who designed the Arboretum wanted it to be as unique and natural as possible. They wanted the trees to start small and grow big on their own versus planting big sized ones. If the trees fell over, they wanted them to lay and stay in the same spot without being removed or moved because it was about nature.The things I learned about myself was I needed to find more reasons as to why the Arboretum was built in the first place and I need to visit the Arboretum more in my free time to see the breathtaking scenery.

Target Observation

target bed

  1. Bedspread

“Threshold™ Suzani Duvet Cover Set.” Target. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2015.

In this blog post I will be discussing the artifacts I have chosen from Target. Considering we have been discussing consumerism and design in class, I have chosen five artifacts from target that I believe are well designed. The first image of my choosing is a picture of a bedspread. This bedspread is well designed because it offers multiple neat features. The bedspread is a duvet cover, which means It is reversible and a decent amount of thickness which contributes to the design process. Since the bedspread is reversible, whoever it belongs to can turn it over at any point if they are tired of one side or would just like a change. There can be media influence towards this bedspread as in if a famous person in a movie had this exact bedspread or one very similar. People can buy this bedspread which is where consumerism comes into play.

target pillow

2. Ruffle Pillow

“Xhilaration™ Jersey Ruffle Decorative Pillow.” Target. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2015.

The second designed artifact I found at Target is this short, white, ruffle pillow. This pillow can be used in different places of the house such as the bedroom, living room, dining room, back porch or patio, etc. This kind of pillow can go as a throw pillow on a couch or a bed. Pillows are well designed because they have different shapes, sizes, colors, patters, etc. which is why people like to buy them to go with different things in their houses. In media, on tv or magazines, people may see pillows on the couch which makes your home feel more comforting.

target frozen

3. Canvas

“Disney® Frozen Snow LED Canvas Wall Art, Blue, 11.5 X 15.75.” Target. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2015.

This is a very popular, well-designed artifact because it is based off Frozen, which is a new movie for children. With the size and thickness of this canvas, you can assure it is good quality and very stable to hang on the wall. This product is high in media because most kids have seen the movie and loved it which makes them want to decorate with the characters. Consumers of this product will buy this canvas for their children’s room because the child would like to see their heroes up on the wall everyday.

target coffee

4. Coffee

“Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee K-Cups 16 Ct.” Target. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2015.

For my fourth well-designed artifact I chose something most people drink and enjoy which is coffee. This is a particular brand of coffee that you can put into a keurig coffee maker. This product is exposed to people from the media because there are commercials on how good Dunkin’ Donuts is and how good their coffee is. Therefore, people hear and see the commercials of Dunkin’ Donuts and want to try and drink their coffee. Consumers demand the coffee due to staying awake and are more likely to buy the keurig coffee cups because it makes it quicker. This coffee is well-designed and is usually bought more because people may drink it multiple times a day.

curling iron

5.  Curling Iron

“Bed Head Curlipops 1″ Curling Iron Wand.” Target. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2015.

My last well designed artifact is a curling iron. This is a special artifact because it is used in a lot of media seeing famous people on tv or movies with curled hair. Consumers like to do what famous people do and if they advertise this “Bed Head” curling iron on tv, more women would go purchase it. This curling iron is referred to as a wand. You put the glove on the hand you are using to wrap your hair around the shaft so you do not get burned. This type of curling iron can come in a few different sizes based off your preference.

-These items were found online on the Target website. I do not have a car here to transport me to go there. I found this blog post helpful in seeing the design in these artifacts.

Media Impact

There are a plethora of media impacts about my artifact which is The Kentucky Arboretum. One of the main media impacts about my artifact is the internet. The Kentucky Arboretum has a website for people to visit and learn more information about what it is, what the purpose of the arboretum is, what you can do there and any other question you would like to know. You can search the web to see images of the arboretum and other information that you may not find on their website. Another media impact is the news. Sometimes the Arboretum is featured on the news just to show people images or if there are new things being planted there or community service, etc. The third media impact I can think of is social media. The Kentucky Arboretum has a Facebook page people can “like” and receive information on it, new news and comment their reviews about the place. People could tweet or instagram about their experiences at the arboretum and how peaceful exciting it was. Those are the three main media impacts I could think of.

Movie Discussion Summary

During the Movie Review Discussion, I believe the top three most asked questions were: 1. Can we use PowerPoint for the movie? 2. How much of the grading will be focused on content and how much will be on creativity? 3. What is the maximum amount of time our video can be? 4. Can our movie be a skit or does it have to be a voiceover on our PowerPoint? 5. Is the Media depot a place that we need to call and make an appointment for, or one that we can just show up to?

  1. Can we use PowerPoint for the movie? Patrick stated that “some people have successfully used powerpoint as the vehicle to make the movie.” However, he did mention it takes a lot of time to make it do all you are wanting it to do. He believes other softwares are more user friendly. Patrick said you can export the PowerPoint as a movie file and it will work just fine.
  2. How much of the grading will be focused on content and how much will be on creativity? This was a common question but Patrick stated that all of this information is on the rubric to make the movie.
  3. What is the maximum amount of time our video can be? The video needs to be about 3-5 minutes long, which is a decent amount of time to speak and do all you needed to do.
  4. Can our movie be a skit or does it have to be a voiceover on our PowerPoint? I believe a skit would be fun to do and be more entertaining. It would also make the project more fun. Patrick said that creative formats are encouraged.
  5. Is the Media depot a place that we need to call and make an appointment for, or one that we can just show up to? A few people were curious to as if the media depot is a place we can walk into or if it was a place you had to have an appointment. Patrick and Adam thought you could just walk in with no appointment needed which is helpful for peoples class schedules and their timing with their project.

I was happy we had a discussion board where everyone could ask questions and voice their opinions. This will be very helpful towards all of us making our movie because these were the five top questions I believe people asked. I am pleased to know if I have any further questions than these, they are more than likely on the discussion board and answered. These were all very helpful questions.

Creative Approaches

From my in-class work about the creative process, the part I felt that was most valuable was the tweet. I thought the tweet was most valuable because I could really express about my artifact and include all of the important pieces in it. I could also use hashtags which could get readers easy access to the tweet and information about the arboretum if they just typed in the hash tag. I also thought the freeform exploration of the sheet because it helped me explore another way of thinking about my artifact in the business, social and cultural aspect. Those are the two approaches I felt were most valuable.

Storyboard Final

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8

Based off reviewing other classmates storyboards, there were quite a few similarities and differences as well as classmates who had all the required materials included in their storyboard and others who didn’t. Most of the storyboards I reviewed had the requirements included and theirs were very well put together. Some were creative and some looked like they were put together in ten minutes and had no thought put into the project at all. My favorite slide on other classmates storyboard was the “design” slide. I enjoyed that slide and topic the most because I got to see my classmates perspective on the design of their project. One of the different elements of viewing other storyboards, were all the categories were different. All the classmates storyboards I viewed had a completely different topic than I did or the other people around me did. From reviewing other storyboards I acquired a different outlook on my own storyboard.

After reviewing the post on movies, I found three specific ways that the designers manipulated elements within film to shift viewers’ perceptions of the various films’ subjects. The three films are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Water for Elephants, and The Kings Speech. In the first film, Harry Potter 7, it discusses how the men in the first image are wearing darker colors as well as they are significantly larger than Dolores, who is wearing a pink dress with bows on it. However, the pink is a surprising color for her to be in considering she has an evil nature throughout the movie, which implies irony. Something that doesn’t normally catch the viewer’s eye in this image is the form of the circular hardwood flooring around the fountain. This naturally directs viewer’s eye from right to left. In 2010, this movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Art Direction.

In the second film, Water for Elephants, it talks about the use of different textures and contrast between elements. Texture is one of the main things in this movie considering it is night and day difference between Marlena and Jacob. Marlena has a beautiful, black, low cut satin dress on which is completely opposite from Jacob’s rough, leather, burlap and denim wardrobe. The texture between the two is extremely different because it shows how different their lifestyles are. Marlena is classy and elegant however it shows Jacob as a bad boy type.

In the last film, The Kings Speech, it discusses the basic color palettes they used in the movie to make the King stand out using a really basic color scheme. The color palette they used only consisted of three basic colors (brown, gold, and black with just a hint of white). They used different shades of these basic colors to get the effects you see in the image. If you make him lighter and brighter than his surroundings, he will stand out very well compared to the others so all of your focus is on him.

These observations can be helpful in making my movie because they discuss different tips. One of the tips that was suggested is using Texture because it is easy to incorporate into website designs. It is usually there to provide visual interest and clues about the elements. Another thing I will keep in mind is using basic colors. If you use basic colors (brown, gold, black, white) it will make your surroundings brighter and stand out more. Those are the tips I will be using while making my movie.