There are a lot of connections between the way media portrays office culture and the realities. Discussing Gensler’s four modes (focus, collaborate, learn and socialize) you will see the connections. The main focus is comparing how the media describes the office culture versus the realities of how it really is. Focusing on the work place is difficult with all the distraction going around you. As stated in the video, people continuously bother you while in the workplace. When Gensler is describing collaboration he is meaning that your co-workers will make or break your job. You will need hardworking co-workers to all work as a team to achieve your work task. In the office setting it is important to learn multiple aspects of the designs throughout your work day. There are many events happening around you, like in the office. It is important to socialize and get to know your co-workers because you will be working with them in your everyday workplace and it is important to get along with them so there are no problems and or distractions from your job. The ideal office setting is cubicles so people can have their own space to focus and get work done, a lounge to relax and socialize with your co-workers, learn about new ideas from others in a conference room and have a big white board and computer to collaborate ideas.


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