Artifact From Class

IMG_8658This diamond ring is the ring I wear every day and I have since I was sixteen. I got it from my mom when for my sixteenth birthday and I haven’t taken it off since. This ring expresses design because at some point in time someone created it and designed it. This ring was made however someone wanted it to be. It expresses design because of the silver band and sparkling diamonds on the top with the circular cluster of diamonds in the middle and the diamonds on the two sides of the band. There are 7 diamonds in the middle cluster of the ring and 15 little diamonds on each side. It is unique and I hope for this to be in my family for a long time. This is probably the most sentimental artifact I own and by far my favorite designed one. It is classy, simple and elegant yet bold and fancy. My favorite thing about this designed artifact ring is that it accompanies anything I wear in a tasteful manner. I love wearing it and watching it glisten in the light. I also enjoy expressing the sentimental value it holds as well as the story upon how I got this ring.


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