Water Bottle

IMG_8551 This is the water bottle I brought to class on Monday and I use this type of water bottle almost everyday. The water bottle brand is the Pure Life Nestle with a light blue tape-like wrap around the top of it. It is about 16.9 FL OZ. It is a plastic water bottle with an hour glass figure and it has ribbed edges which makes it easier to grip. The ribbed edges on the bottle correspond to the curves on the bottle giving it a more sleek look. The bottle itself can be recycled and is recommended to be recycled however the lid is not. The lid is also plastic but it is made out of a different form of plastic that cannot be recycled. This water bottle is very handy when it comes to activities because you can fill it up and reuse it but you can also throw it away and recycle it if you need to. This water bottle is perfect for carrying around anywhere. The good news is if you end up leaving it somewhere or losing it, it is not a big deal because there are other plastic water bottles like this one you can buy. Having a water bottle with you for class is nice because you can slide it into your backpack. In class you can also have it on your desk or in the floor and it is clear therefore if you spill it, its not a big deal!


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