Postcard Final


This is my postcard, and the quote on it says “Design is a balance between form and function…it takes two”. I chose this image for the front of the postcard because it takes two for the shoes. You have to have a person to wear a pair of shoes. On the back of the postcard there is a space for a stamp in the top right hand corner and there are lines also on the left side for someone to write their message on it as well as an address.



A place that came to my mind that is a special character is Keenland in Lexington, KY. Keenland was opened in 1938 and has been very popular since. Keenland is a thoroughbred horse racing facility and a sales facility with a plethora of events you can attend or host. Those event could be the horse races, breeders cup and weddings, etc. Keenland is a special place that holds approximately 46,000 people or more. One of their big events that is coming up this month is called Breeders Cup and has been sold out for months. keeneland_track_2013_600


In comparing my own house and the houses built in the 20th century there are some similarities and differences. My house is in the bourgeois class and probably was a coloration of the Ranch house and a McManchion but more so towards a ranch house. My house is secure and built very strong where as in the 20th century I’m sure they were not built as sturdy. The house I have today has hot/cold water, as well as electricity where as the homes in the 20th century had to set up their own generators. There are a lot of differences but more so similarities.


This Skyscraper was built in the 20th century and is called the iconic Flatiron Building in New York. This building was built in 1902 and created long before the Empire State Building. It incorporates cultural aspects of past designs.


In 1928, the Charleston International Airport was reported to have approximately 700 acres that were graded to provide landing strips. The privately owned airport officially opened on in 1929.tbg;nkfdmf

In this century the three common types of homes are Ranch, Bungalow and McManchion. Ranch houses have a gabled or hipped roof and were tied to the land. They were more in a suburban setting with usually one giant room in the home. The Bungalow homes were smaller, usually only one floor with no upper level or rooms. These homes usually have a broad front porch. A McManchion was made as a large luxury home, the biggest type of home in that time period. It was used as a popularity and made as a statement to say their house is better.

In our century today, houses are made in all sizes but it still could be considered in the same “class” range from rich to poor and in the middle. Houses today are more well put together and constructed.

Postcard 1

“Design is a balance between form and function…it takes two” -seesaw


Jeep Wrangler




Media Depot

From my visit to the media depot in the library, I learned a variety of useful information. The media depot allows access to a green screen, recording space with equipment, technical support for students, 15 iMacs and many other beneficial additions students can use. You can utilize this equipment for school projects such as the green screen to make a video with special effects. If you want to record yourself or band singing you can use the recording studio in the media depot. If you have to make a presentation and you’re struggling with it you can use the presentation recording rooms with the big monitors and ipads on tripods. Another beneficial thing the media depot has to offer is, it is free to use any of the space or equipment they have.


There are a lot of connections between the way media portrays office culture and the realities. Discussing Gensler’s four modes (focus, collaborate, learn and socialize) you will see the connections. The main focus is comparing how the media describes the office culture versus the realities of how it really is. Focusing on the work place is difficult with all the distraction going around you. As stated in the video, people continuously bother you while in the workplace. When Gensler is describing collaboration he is meaning that your co-workers will make or break your job. You will need hardworking co-workers to all work as a team to achieve your work task. In the office setting it is important to learn multiple aspects of the designs throughout your work day. There are many events happening around you, like in the office. It is important to socialize and get to know your co-workers because you will be working with them in your everyday workplace and it is important to get along with them so there are no problems and or distractions from your job. The ideal office setting is cubicles so people can have their own space to focus and get work done, a lounge to relax and socialize with your co-workers, learn about new ideas from others in a conference room and have a big white board and computer to collaborate ideas.

Prown Worksheet


In this blog post I will be discussing the description, deduction and the speculation of the artifact I have chosen. The artifact I have chosen is a lamp from my room. The description of this lamp is very chic. The lamp designed with a burlap wide and oval shade, including brown and gold ball-like circles going down the center of the shaft. In the center of the circular balls is a long stick going all the way to the lightbulb to balance the lamp. The deduction of this lamp is it brightens the room, coordinates with the colors of the room and helps many dull situations. The speculation of this lamp is it works in many situations and has a wonderful shape.

Artifact From Class

IMG_8658This diamond ring is the ring I wear every day and I have since I was sixteen. I got it from my mom when for my sixteenth birthday and I haven’t taken it off since. This ring expresses design because at some point in time someone created it and designed it. This ring was made however someone wanted it to be. It expresses design because of the silver band and sparkling diamonds on the top with the circular cluster of diamonds in the middle and the diamonds on the two sides of the band. There are 7 diamonds in the middle cluster of the ring and 15 little diamonds on each side. It is unique and I hope for this to be in my family for a long time. This is probably the most sentimental artifact I own and by far my favorite designed one. It is classy, simple and elegant yet bold and fancy. My favorite thing about this designed artifact ring is that it accompanies anything I wear in a tasteful manner. I love wearing it and watching it glisten in the light. I also enjoy expressing the sentimental value it holds as well as the story upon how I got this ring.