If You Build It

I really enjoyed watching the “if you build it” documentary. There were highs, lows and multiple obstacles. Throughout the video, I kept noticing the problems the town had whether it is flooding or not enough funds for their projects, they always had a solution and positive attitude. Studio H gave hope to students/young generation in hopes they would be bigger than the city they are in and make something of themselves.Studio H wanted their students to think outside the box and be more creative.As if they could put their thoughts on paper, which they did. These young individuals had so much talent that they could put to use, but the school board did not see that was fit. The downfall of Studio H was the school board and adults could not see how beneficiary this was for the students, therefore they did not pay the two teachers, Emily, and Matt, anything. Matt and Emily had to make their income off of grants and it just wasn’t enough for them to live off of or to support Studio H. Two of the students were chosen and their design benefited the whole town by opening up jobs and helping local businesses. Studio H was a great project, it would have been nice for the school board of Bertie County to appreciate it.


Design Autobiography

  1. Local Taco
  2. Buick Regal
  3. Diamond Ring
  4. Lilly Agenda
  5. Fitbit
  6. Money
  7. Lulu Lemon Leggings
  8. Alabama Sweatshirt
  9. Bean Boots
  10. Pearl Earrings
  11. Spotify
  12. Tri Delta house
  13. Michael Kors Purse
  14. Nike Tennis Shoes
  15. Burgundy Nail Polish
  16. Instagram
  17. Snapchat
  18. Facebook
  19. Iphone
  20. Rupp Arena



This semester I have studied design through a series of objects, places, spaces and building. This class has taught many students the purpose of design and how to understand a global practice of design. Through design, you study the cultures that exhibit objects, spaces, buildings and places. While in this class, I have been able to recognize my own place in the world leading to the creating of my own design autobiography. In this process, I will collect artifacts such as photos of places, spaces, and object that make up my own artifacts that are important to me. I will have a total of twenty objects that express who I am and that are important to me. In this project, it will decipher who I am as a consumer, social aspect and how I view business in the world today.

I would like to show I am a product of a social era, therefore I chose to make an Instagram collage. I have a total of three different collages, but the two main ones are separated into three quadrants. In all of my collages, they show who I am based off different objects, places, and spaces. If I am really hungry, my go to place to eat at is The Local Taco in Lexington, KY and I usually get there by driving my 2011 Buick Regal. On my right hand, I always have a diamond ring my mom gave to me when I was sixteen years old, along with the pear earrings. Both of these objects were designed and mean a lot to me. Whether I am going to the gym or just going to class I will usually have on my lulu lemon leggings, my Nike tennis shoes, and my Fitbit on as well as listening to Spotify. My Fitbit represents that I like to stay in shape and be healthy, I wear it every day all day. My Lilly agenda represents me staying organized.

These next few objects are things I use while walking to class, going to the gym or just hanging out. My top object I use is Spotify, I always listen to Spotify, preferably on my iPhone 6. On my iPhone, I can do many things such as snap chat, Facebook, and Instagram. I use those things to stay connected with friends and family as well as socially. When I am having down time in my apartment or hanging out with my friends, I’ll usually be wearing my favorite Alabama sweatshirt and bean boots. My favorite color nail polish to wear in the winter is burgundy because it’s dark but not as dark as black. Somewhere I love to go, that is very close to my apartment is Rupp Arena to cheer on the cats, where I spend money as a consumer on tickets and concessions. To the basketball games, I am usually wearing my Michael kors purse that holds my wallet, phone, keys, etc. When I would like to have a nice homecooked meal or visit my friends and sisters, I visit the Tri Delta House. It is very warm and comforting and I feel I can talk to anyone, it is my home away from home.

Based off these photos of the objects, you can see what my favorite objects are, places to visit and where I spend my money the most. I love to be comfortable, relaxed, and always have good food. These items are just a few artifacts that  describe some of the major themes of design in my life.  While finding these pictures to put in a design collage of my life, I have understood more about myself. I am finding my current views and new views of design in our world every day.

Designer Profiles 11-12

The eleventh designer who came and spoke with us is Mark O’Bryan. Mark  graduated from the college of architecture at the University of Kentucky. He has been teaching at this university for the past 30 years. Something I found to be interesting is, Mark has a company with his wife. Mark’s wife  is an interior designer. He says that he can see design in different readings and research. In the past, Mark has taken students to visit Europe to look at different architectural work. In the future, Mark sees design heading into more 3D printing and thinks that our decisions will make a huge impact. Mark believes design is all about what you choose.

The twelveth designer I have had the privilege of listening to is Lindsey Fay. Lindsey has always known, even since she was younger, she wanted to be an architect. In only fourth grade, she was given the chance to help construct a playground, which she really enjoyed. Lindsey got her undergraduate degree at the University of Kentucky. She is very interested in the research of healthcare design. One of Lindsey’s favorite things that she has done and continues to do is travel to Thailand with her students. Lindsey stated she can see design in experiential education. In the future, she believes it will head towards more social issues.

Designer Profiles 9-10

The ninth designer I had a privilege of listening to is Hellen Turner. She is currently a professor at the University of Kentucky and has been for the past 5 years. Hellen got her undergraduate degree in interior architecture. After graduating, she got a job at a small firm and was the first interior designer at the firm. The small firm gave her lots of opportunities to get involved that she did not imagine to have. Hellen got laid off at 25 and then went back to school to get her masters degree in science and architecture. Hellen went on a 5-week archaeological dig in Pompeii. She said that design is all about how it impacts our environment, and design can have positive and negative impacts.  Hellen stated for the future we need to think more about the design objects we are using and how we are using them. Design is affecting our everyday lives and will affect the future.

The tenth designer is Randall Vaughn. He has been an architect for 30 plus years and is currently the president of the architects and engineers at Gray Construction. Randall’s wife is an artist and they enjoy driving around looking at different buildings pointing out the flaws. When Randall thinks of design, he thinks of the song “I can see clearly now”. He believes everything is/was designed for a purpose. Randall said that he can see design going to more 3D technology and a more into virtual reality. He also believes every car will be electric in the future. In Randall’s presentation, he stated that the tools we use should never dictate how we work but they should aid in the work we are doing. An interesting fact is he is amazed by apple and the designers/engineers they have.

Designer Profiles 7-8

The seventh designer’s story I would like to share is Melody Farris Jackson. She is a designer and  first-year architecture teacher at the University of Kentucky. Growing up, she has always been drawn and fascinated to making a creating different things. She designs her own Christmas cards every year as well as believes everything is designed. In the beginning, Melody went to college to get a pre-med degree yet quickly decided to change into to the college of architecture. She enjoys the challeges design brings to her life and realizes how much time it takes up, therefore you have to be flexible. Melody said that in the future, design is heading into a collaborative world between architects and engineers. A quote Melody used to describe design was, a design is like a road trip with lots of unexpected twists and turns along the way, which I thought was very true and touching.

The eighth designer I will discuss is Timothy Lucas. Currently, Timothy is an architect and his interest in design sparked in high school when he took drawing classes. Another reason he was interested  in design is because his father was an interior decorator. Timothy got his bachelor in Arts and Architecture here at the University of Kentucky. A neat fact he told us was his class was the first class that got to spend a semester traveling abroad to Europe which is where he saw a lot of design in the world. He believes design everywhere around him and stated that design transforms the lives of everyone who uses it. In the future Timothy discussed he could see a big shift to much more collaboration between design disciplines.

Designer Profiles 5-6

The fifth designer I will be discussing is Adriane Grumbeiri. She is a professor in the ISC department at the University of Kentucky. Adriane stated she enjoyed teaching which lead her to teach a creative design class. When she was in high school, she helped design the website for her schooI. In the future, I believe she would enjoy making wedding invitations considering she would like to see the world more visual. Adriane sees the design progression being more digital, as well as visual design with more data and pairing with more advertising. She was a great speaker and I enjoyed listening to her story.

The sixth designer’s name is Joe Ray-Barreau and I will be sharing his story. Joe is an architect and a professor at the University of Kentucky. When he was only five years old, he and his grandfather built a treehouse together which got him into learning about design. Something Joe is very interested in is light design. He really enjoys light design because he said a design is present in a plethora of different types of lights. Something I found interesting was, he stated light can change your mood. Furthermore, joe believes that in the future people will use more LED lights because it decreases light pollution.

Designer Profiles 2-4

The second designer I would like to discuss is Heather Hemmer. She is from Northern Kentucky, near Cininatti, and would like to move to San Fransisco in the future. Although she has traveled all around the world, San Fransisco is her favorite. Heather never really saw herself liking art, she was more athletic. However, in high school her mom told her to try an art class, so she did, and loved it! She states in design there is no simple equation, it just has to speak to you. She finds design in the world around her by finding use out of someone else’s trash. She is very happy she chose to pursue this degree because she has learned a lot from it, met so many people and there are multiple things you can do with it. My favorite thing she said in the presentation was, design is going wherever you are going and isn’t going to wait for us to catch up to it.

The third designer I will be sharing is Julie Sniadouski. Julie is a graduate architecture student at The University of Kentucky. When Julie was a sophomore in high school she got accepted into the governor’s school of the arts, which is a huge accomplishment. Just like Heather, Julie found out in high school what she wanted to pursue as a major. Julie has traveled and studied abroad in Paris and Rome, which she described as amazing. She loved viewing all of the buildings and really liked that she learned about it first hand, in person. I learned that Julie gets her inspiration from other people around her. Julie would like to figure out what design problems she can help fix and make better.

The fourth designer I would like to discuss is Adam Logsdon. Adam is a graduate assistant and a design intern at The University of Kentucky. Adam knew a young age what he wanted to do as a career, he knew in middle school. He loved making his own creations and trying new things with anything he could get his hands on. However, in high school he took some architecture classes which helped him learn more about it. Adam studied abroad in Paris, Italy, Rome, and France. In France, he saw a church/museum built around remains which he thought was interesting. He is really interested in 3D printing, digital technology and likes how you can order a project and digitally print it at home. Currently, Adam works for Gray construction company in downtown Lexington, KY.

Designer Profile 1

The designer I chose to write about is my design teacher, Patrick Lee Lucas. Patrick currently works at the University of Kentucky in the college of design. He teaches a design 101 class and hopes that others will enjoy it as much as he does. He stated that he can see design heading towards social media, more so because technology is the number one thing that has been running our future. In previous years, Patrick got a degree in architecture and graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Mr. Lucas received a degree from Michigan State University in interior design and then after this continued to get his masters degree from the University of Kentucky in interior design. Patrick really enjoys design and notices it in his everyday life. In a previous assignment, we discussed Helvetica and what it is. This is an important assignment because Patrick only uses that font.

Museum of You

  1. Local Taco
  2. Buick Regal
  3. Diamond Ring
  4. Lilly Agenda
  5. Fitbit
  6. Money
  7. Lulu Lemon Leggings
  8. Sweatshirt
  9. Bean Boots
  10. Pearl Earrings

Each of these artifacts are something I use everyday and all tie in to describing who I am. My favorite restaurant is Local Taco, I eat there at least twice a week because it is so good. The artifacts I use everyday is my Buick Regal, Lilly Agenda and my Fitbit. I drive a Buick Regal about everyday, it gets me where I need to go and is really helpful with college. My diamond ring is something I wear everyday and is special to me because my mom got it for me when I was sixteen. The Lilly agenda I have keeps me organized and makes sure I have all of my events on the right days and times. Something that has made a huge impact on my life is my Fitbit. I wear it everyday and it is good for time, telling you the amount of steps you’ve walked, calories you have burned, how many miles you have walked, and how many stairs you have climbed. Fitbits help you stay healthy and stay in great shape which is what I strive to do. I put money on the list because it is something I wish to have in the future to provide for myself and family. Most of the week I will wear a sweatshirt, bean boots, pearl earrings and Lulu Lemon Leggings to class because they are soft and comfortable. I wear pearl earrings everyday because they are basic and simple.

All of these articles represent me in some way and mean something to me. They all tie together at some point and relate to my life.

Movie Review

Throughout this project, I have watched three movies: Helvetica, Everything is Illuminated, and wall-e. While watching these three movies I believe design was expressed in each of the three cultural products. I will compare and contrast as well as explain in detail what all three of these movies are about. For starters, Helvetica is a film about typography. Helvetica is a common, simple, overlooked and not so popular font. The second film, Everything is Illuminated is not quite what I expected. This film is about a young Jewish-American man who took a journey to Ukraine to find out more about his grandfather. It also states the young man is obsessed with his family history and learned more than he could ever imagine. This last film is a classic as well as one of my favorites, Wall-e. The term Wall-e stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, which is what this movie is all about. He is the last robot left on Earth and spends his day cleaning up the planet form garbage which connects this film to consumer culture by showing everyone one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Viewing the first film Helvetica, you would not think it would be as unrecognized as it is. The Helvetica font is used in many different places such as computers, posters, billboards, signs, etc. Research has stated that the font is also the governments official sign, yet no one really pays attention to it. In the film, they interview typography experts who state the font is clear and easy to read which connects this to consumerism culture. Some people who were interviewed may claim that the font needs more style and argue it is too plain. Most critics have enjoyed and said the film sharpens your eye and makes connections between form and content as well as between art and life.

In addition, Everything is illuminated was my favorite film of the three because of the mystery. This film is a cultural classic designed movie because it shows us anything can be considered as an artifact that represents business or cultural values. The young jewish man, Jonathan, was trying to figure out his family history and to find the woman who saved his grandfather in World War II. He went on a quest to find the woman in a small Ukrainian town, which was wiped off the map because of the Nazi invasion. This film shows that paper products and simple artifacts are still beneficial in our world today which represents cultural value.

The last movie I will discuss is called Wall-e. Wall-e is a movie about a robot that finds happiness in simple things that we would not find a bit of happiness in today’s society. As his job on earth, to clean up trash and help keep the planet clean, looking through trash all day he still finds happiness in anything he finds. During the 700 years on earth, Wall-e developed a personality. Later in the movie, he spots EVE, a robot who was sent back to Earth on a scanning mission. Wall-e falls in love and follows EVE across the galaxy which is part of the cultural values we have today that we take for granted. This movie shows that a small waste collecting robot ( any of us in our world today) can turn a trash filled planet into a clean one.

Throughout this research I have discovered exploration of design can be taken from all three movies. In comparison for all three movies, they have design. Helvetica has design in the font and keeping it simple, Everything Is Illuminated has a designed artifact to help the man figure out his family history and Wall-e has design in helping people discover ways to keep our planet clean. All three movies state cultural values in different ways we may not seem to see is cultural. This movie review should inspire people to watch these films and gain the educational purposes I did. The idea of these movies versus a movie like Narnia are quite similar because even though they are in a different world with different designs, we have the same situation and do not notice the designs we have in our world today.

In conclusion, the experiences and lessons I took out of watching all three movies as a whole are the hidden messages they all had encrypted. The interesting thing I found from all three of these films is the meanings in them to help people learn yet, not really show the people they are learning. I believe these films were created as teaching strategies for adults and children to learn about business, social and cultural aspects. We live in a world where we are surrounded by design everyday and for the most part we don’t notice it. It is difficult to notice a font from a sign or billboard, but maybe people should start paying more attention to the little things such as the main artifacts represented in all three of these interesting and educational films.